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TC-Helicon Harmony Singer

Review by: Craver

The 'Harmony Singer' vocal harmonizing pedal has become an essential weapon in my musical performance arsenal.TC-Helcon Harmony Singer on OpenMic.US
I mostly play-out as a solo-performer. I don't have the benefit of having other instruments and voices creating a 'full sound.'  The, 'Harmony Singer,' singer helps solve that problem. With a simple tap of the foot, this pedal provides a nice variety of pitch-perfect vocal harmonies. 
I have used larger, more elaborate harmonizers in the past. What I like about this pedal is the size/features combination. It is about the size of a standard guitar pedal, so it fits in my acoustic guitar case. The manual knobs make it simple to quickly change the pedal settings between songs. I leave it set to, '1/3 above,' most of the time. The, '1/3 below,' setting is amazing for, 'Sounds of Silence.'
There are 3-main adjustment knobs, harmony setting, harmony volume, and reverb level. That's all I need.
Unlike some other harmonizers, the 'Harmony Singer,' provides a separate output for the mic and the guitar. This allows for greater flexibility on the mixing board.
The pedal has a very good 'road ready' design. The strong metal case holds up well. The one 'stomp' switch is sold metal. The knobs are plastic, but they seem to be very sturdy.
In watching other performers that use more elaborate pedals, I've noticed that they often spend too much time with their electronics. This leads to sacrificing the time that they spend connecting with the audience. 
If you'd like to get a little vocal 'help' with your 'live' performance, without having to deal with a lot of 'technology,' the 'Harmony Singer,' from TC-Helicon is a great choice.